Discover the science-backed exercise secret to slow your ageing

Anti-ageing is all the hype these days, especially following the FaceApp craze. Now that you can get a glimpse of the older version of yourself, it’s no wonder why you might be curious about how to slow that process. While most people turn straight to anti-ageing creams, there is a scientifically-backed exercise to slow down your ageing…

High-intensity interval training (HIIT).

HIIT, an exercise routine where you mix up short bursts of anaerobic (intense) exercise with periods of low-intensity breaks, is super trendy. Just look at the crazy popularity of Barry’s Bootcamp, Soulcycle or even the number of HIIT classes at your gym.

Battle ropes, a classic HIIT circuit exercise
You might be already doing this without fully knowing its cellular benefits.

Scientists from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota followed groups people assigned to HIIT and non-HIIT workouts for 3 months:

The researchers’ findings were astonishing.

HIIT can increase the energy creation ability of your cells’ mitochondria (the ‘powerhouses’ of our cells and allow cells to create energy) by up to 69%.

This is huge because your cells’ (mitochondria) ability to create energy declines as you get older. This leads to fatigue, increase risk of diabetes etc. AKA AGEING!

By doing HIIT, the Mayo Clinic found that you can stop and even reverse the decline of your cells’ mitochondria to create energy.

In other words, HIIT can slow your ageing process. 

Another study from Brigham Young University of over 5000 US adults, similarly found that adults who do HIIT can drastically reduce their cellular age.

Those who did HIIT had cells that were 9 years younger than the groups who did light exercise or no exercise!

It’s time to get sweaty and add HIIT into your regime today. 

Try your gym’s spin or HIIT classes, or even give something like Barry’s Bootcamp a go. Or you can always do a HIIT session at home with apps like Freeletics or these home workouts from Self and Livestrong.

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